Is Your Job Affecting Your Mental State? Here’s What You Can Do!

admin/ July 3 2019

No matter what kind of work you might be doing, there are always stressful moments involved. It happens even to people who were satisfied with their jobs when they started out.

But after some time, the company changes, the coworkers change, and perspectives change as well, leading to various issues.

Sometimes, work-related issues hit
you like a tone of bricks and, in...

Leticia & Alberto Sotomayor Have Joined the Keller Williams Chino, Chino Hills Real Estate Team

admin/ July 3 2019

Imagine being able to access all student-teacher-mentor relevant interactions that ever existed for the particular topic someone is studying right now. How would their student experience be if they could see in detail the interactions between Larry Paige and Sergei Brin with their teachers as they were learning to code? Did they have the same questions? Were they able to reach the same...

Why Teen Suicide is Lower in States That Have More School Choice

admin/ July 3 2019

Freedom is the precursor to happiness. When we’re free, we feel in control of our lives and able to direct our own path. If we’re unhappy, we can make changes and make different choices. If we are not free, we cannot make these choices. We cannot be our own agents, and so we suffer.

This suffering due to lack of freedom is becoming increasingly apparent throughout our...

Pennsylvania Opens Up to Workers From Other States

admin/ July 3 2019

Moving to Pennsylvania? It just got easier to find a new job there.

Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday signed a bill into law that requires Pennsylvania recognize occupational licenses issued in other states. Pennsylvania joins Arizona and Montana as the only states to recognize occupational licenses issued in other states. 

In a statement, Wolf said the new law would "improve the...

Gorgeous Kansas City 23-Acre Gated Estate Up for Auction Was Previously Listed at $2.275M – Opening Bid is $500k

admin/ July 3 2019

Close-in convenience, yet outside city limits combined with this much space and privacy is difficult to duplicate!

KANSAS CITY, Mo. July 03, 2019

The main residence features over 7500 square feet of finished living space with two private master suites, spa-like baths, Kleweno designed chef’s kitchen with granite and high-end appliances, warm, inviting living and entertaining...

Thousands of Virginians Getting their Licenses Reinstated

admin/ July 3 2019

Angela Battle: one of thousands of Virginians to have their license restored. Photo credit: Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Some 37,700 Virginians who couldn’t drive yesterday can drive today, thanks to a budget amendment to Virginia’s Fiscal 2020 budget, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. More than 600,000 drivers have suspended licenses...

The Smythe family of Chagrin Falls, USA, in the year 2029

admin/ July 3 2019

In 1914, 132 sealers found themselves stranded on a North Atlantic icefield as a bitter blizzard approached. Thinly dressed and with little food, they faced a harrowing night on the ice. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll tell the story of the Newfoundland sealing disaster, one of the most dramatic chapters in Canadian maritime history.

We'll also meet another...

After Propublica expose, the "nonprofit," "Christian" Memphis University Hospital suspends practice of suing the shit out of poor people

admin/ July 3 2019

The Guardian:

The suspicious envelopes, filled with a “granular substance”, were addressed to three members of “Super Happy Fun America”, a group whose membership have previously organized and attended events, some of which have turned violent and who have links to far-right figures.

One of the recipients, Mark Sahady, is known as the leader of the Boston chapter of a group...

StevenDouglas is Ranked Again in the Top 50 Executive Search Firms in the United States

admin/ July 3 2019

As the South Florida-based firm continues to hit new growth milestones and accomplishments, StevenDouglas again is on the Top 50 Recruiters in the U.S. by Hunt Scanlon Media, appearing as the #1 Florida-based firm on the list.

StevenDouglas has been making on-going growth and expansion announcements over the last few...


admin/ July 1 2019

Hombres de Negro: MIB Internacional (S/C – 115 MIN – CAST/SUBT)

Género: Acción | Comedia | Ciencia Ficción.Sinopsis: Los Hombres de Negro siempre han protegido a la Tierra de la escoria del universo. En esta nueva aventura, abordan su amenaza más...

Police Trying to Find Missing Delaware County Man

admin/ July 1 2019

It's summer and if you want to be the master of the grill this summer, there are a few rookie mistakes you need to avoid. Take our advice and impress everyone at your backyard BBQ this year. Here are the five things you're doing wrong when grilling.

Donors’ coordination meeting in Freetown

admin/ July 1 2019

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The Management of TRANSCO CLSG, a regional transmission company responsible for the transmission of affordable and reliable electricity to millions of citizens in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea is holding a high-level Donors’ Coordination meeting in Freetown, Sierra Leone to discuss the progress and challenges in the implementation of the CLSG project.


This was the moment a car-size asteroid exploded above Puerto Rico

admin/ July 1 2019

Source: Independent

The GOES-16 weather satellite is designed to detect flashes of lightning. On Saturday, it saw an asteroid.

At 4:25pm Saturday afternoon, meteorologists noticed an unusually bright flash signature over the Caribbean waters 170 miles south of Puerto Rico.

Its light was visible in an area as large as Rhode Island – far
too big to be a lightning...

This iPhone game could help heart surgeons save lives

admin/ July 1 2019

Sam Glassenberg is no doctor, but he was happy to perform a colonoscopy before a crowd of hundreds in Los Angeles this June.

“This polyp is attached to a blood vessel, so if you try to remove it, it bleeds,” he explained. Blood gushed while the crowd winced and moaned.

No, Glassenberg was not operating on a real patient. He was at the Social Innovation Summit in Los Angeles,...

5 Things You're Doing Wrong When Grilling

admin/ July 1 2019

On Wednesday night the Bismarck Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing and approved the application. The approval has brought Bismarck one step closer to having it's own location of the popular big box store.

ZTE gana el Premio al Mejor servicio móvil para la vida conectada en Asia por su solución de banda ancha aérea ATG

admin/ July 1 2019

LOS ANGELES, June 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A gathering of parishioners at the highest levels of the Church of Scientology representing their congregations around the world convenes for an annual voyage applauding a spectacular year of Church expansion.

IPL Hair Remover Sweepstake

admin/ July 1 2019

This is the Hottest Product on the Internet.  Great for Permanently Removing Unwanted Hair!

Jony Ive and the Myth that Only Certain People Can Design

admin/ July 1 2019

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Take inspiration from his work by making something yourself.

5 Things You're Doing Wrong When Grilling

admin/ July 1 2019

It's summer and if you want to be the master of the grill this summer, there are a few rookie mistakes you need to avoid. Take our advice and impress everyone at your backyard BBQ this year. Here are the five things you're doing wrong when grilling.

France’s favourite village is a picturesque spot on the coast of Normandy

admin/ July 1 2019

France has chosen its favourite village for 2019 out of a selection of 14 other contenders for the title.

Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue was voted France’s favourite village. Image: D.Daguier-CD50

Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue was chosen through the France2 TV programme, Le Village Préféré des Français, presented by Stéphane Bern. Millions of viewers have tuned in to choose their favourite...