Want to study at Oxford University? Here are 7 interesting facts about it

Want to study at Oxford University? Here are 7 interesting facts about it > CEOWORLD magazine

As you can read, we are here to talk about one of the dream universities in the world—Oxford University. With a legacy of nearly 900 years, Oxford University remains an institution of academic excellence and where competition is as high as one can imagine.

If you are interested in pursuing standard higher education abroad, there should have been at least one occasion when Oxford must have come across your mind. Without it, the international higher education system is incomplete.


Want to study at Oxford University? Here are 7 interesting facts about it > CEOWORLD magazine

Being a university of such repute, it will be interesting to uncover a few facts about it. In this article, you will find 7 of these facts. So, let us dive deep into the world of Oxford.

  1. Started centuries agoYou might know this but this astounding fact should be reiterated because it is that interesting. Oxford University is the oldest in the world, coming second only to the University of Bologna, which is only 8 years older than Oxford.
  2. It is a city universityThere is no main campus of Oxford University, as many of you might have thought. It actually comprises many colleges that together constitute what the world knows as the University of Oxford. These colleges are spread across the region; for example, most science and technology departments could be found in the Science Area. As of today, it consists of 44 autonomous colleges and halls, all of which are governed under the authority of the Vice-Chancellor.
  3. Ample Financial AssistanceIt is true that the competition here is stiff, and the money involved could be burdensome to many students. If you make your way through the competition, you can get financial assistance if you are the right candidate for it. There are many such programs available for students in need. These include Rhodes Scholarships and the Clarendon Scholarship. It also extends academic support by offering free online courses. For example, it started its first free economics course online in the year 2016 and received much acclaim.
  4. Many MuseumsWith a legacy like that of Oxford, it is not surprising that it maintains many museums and galleries. All these museums and galleries are open to the public free of cost. The Ashmolean Museum is the oldest university museum in the whole world and is a part of the Oxford network. Other museums include the University Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum.
  5. The Emergence of the University of CambridgeYou might not know this but the establishment of the University of Cambridge has a direct connection with Oxford University. In the year 1209, disputes between the university and its students caused the latter to flee to Cambridge, resulting in the eventual foundation of the University of Cambridge. Today, these two universities, together, are called “Oxbridge” and are among the most prestigious universities in the entire world.
  6. An Extensive Library Network In The UK and BeyondOxford University holds the honor of maintaining the largest library network in the United Kingdom. It consists of the Bodleian Libraries Group. The group holds the status of a legal depository and receives a complimentary copy of every book published in the country. As of today, the Bodleian Group comprises 28 libraries stacking different kinds of collections. Presently, the said group is the second largest library in the country. The Bodleian Group was actively involved in the digitalization of the library network by entering into association with Google.
  7. Alumni BaseThere is no way one can summarize the strength of the university’s alumni base. People from all walks of life have studied here and made a name for themselves in whatever they did. As of today, the university has been the educational ground of 69 Nobel laureates, 28 British Prime Ministers, nearly 100 members of the House of Commons, jurists such as HLA Hart, Chief Justices of many countries, winners of Fields Medals, renowned authors such as Oscar Wilde, influential women such as Gertrude Bell, and prominent actors such as Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Rosamund Pike, Felicity Jones, and Michael Palin. A total of 19 English cardinals have been graduates of the university’s many colleges.