Dependable Homebuyers Successfully Locates Buyer For Baltimore Fixer Upper

August 12, 2019 – – Nationally operating Dependable Homebuyers, a company that specializes in buying homes fast and at decent rates from homeowners, recently found a buyer for a fixer upper in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood. Considered a great rehab opportunity in Hampden, the process of renovating the house had already started but was in need of an investor willing to finish it. The house was sold under an assignment contract and will likely be in good condition in a short while.

Real estate investors interested in buying property at deeply discounted prices often turn to Dependable Homebuyers. The company is considered the best for real estate investors looking to find great discounts on investment property in the United States, and they are constantly purchasing new properties to facilitate this service.

“Ever wondered who that company is that snaps up the best deals and offers the highest discounts on properties in the area before anyone else ever even hears about them? Well, that’s us,” says the company. “We help investors like you by passing along the area’s best deals on great properties so you can profit from them and put cash in your pocket.” Dependable Homebuyers manages to offer such favourable property deals by making use of their great skills in marketing. Once the company locates a great deal on a piece of property, they move to acquire it as soon as possible before making it available to investors at deeply discounted prices—which often appear at 30% or even 50% below market prices. More information regarding the property they recently turned over can be found at the following link:

It is possible to find great deals everywhere in today’s market but investors with the right skills, the best systems, and the best connections are able to take such deals before the average person even knows about them. Dependable Homebuyers is one of these investors and acquires properties at great prices long before anyone even knows the property is on sale. Investors that choose to work with Dependable Homebuyers will be able to easily find foreclosure properties, discount homes, fixer uppers, handyman deals, investment homes for sale, bank owned foreclosures, distressed property, and discount multi-family properties for sale.

“We’ve honed our proprietary marketing systems over the last few years and now have a consistent stream of deeply discounted properties, foreclosure properties, distressed property, and other types of real estate,” Dependable Homebuyers states. “You may have even seen some of our marketing around. In the end, we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into refining our marketing systems to what they are today. You benefit from that by letting us find these great deals and sending them your way.”

Dependable Homebuyers has done all the work and made the necessary investments to create a steady stream of discounted deals. The properties are often bought at less than 70% of their market value, and Dependable Homebuyers is ready and willing to sell these properties to investors as quickly as possible.

Real estate investors looking for great rental properties or distressed properties at low prices to renovate and resell are encouraged to contact Dependable Homebuyers at their earliest convenience. They need only inform Dependable Homebuyers of their buying criteria and the company will run a custom search for properties that fit the investor’s preferences.

Homeowners, or those looking to become homeowners, are also among Dependable Homebuyers’ customers. “Most of the properties we sell are bought up by real estate investors,” states Dependable Homebuyers. “However, if you are looking for a home to live in yourself, you’re at the right place! Join our preferred buyers list and act fast if you see a home you like. Since we offer these great houses at such steep discounts they do tend to sell fast—so make sure you’re pre-qualified with your bank (we can help you with that if you’d like) before you make an offer on one of our houses.”

The company has achieved their current state of operation by expanding their ability to identify and take advantage of great deals before anyone else can—and then passing these deals on to investors and homeowners at a huge discount. Those who elect to purchase property from Dependable Homebuyers can rest assured they are in good hands. Read more about Dependable Homebuyers’ most recent sale at the following link:


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