Antifa sets up recruitment shop at University of Florida

(Campus Reform) An Antifa group showed up on the campus of the University of Florida Tuesday in an effort to recruit new members.

The Anti-fascists of Gainesville invited college students to a recruitment fair for far-left radical groups, hosted by the Civic Media Center, which is not affiliated with UF and whose “mission is to provide community access to information and points of view that are under-reported or distorted in mainstream media.” The center’s website says it specifically works with “progressive” groups to achieve its mission.

“It’s no wonder why Antifa would target college campuses to spread their messaage.” Tweet This

Campus Reform spotted a table on the UF campus Tuesday, where students were offered information about the Wednesday event, called “Radical Rush,” which, while hosted by the Civic Media Center, occurred on campus. The table, draped with a banner containing the words “Gainesville Antifascists,” appeared in an area of campus where students and members of the public are not required to obtain permission from the college to set up tables or exercise their First Amendment rights.