‘Parkinson’s? Dementia? Stroke?’ Trump’s ‘weird’ West Point appearance turns Twitter sleuths into medical experts  — RT USA News

Donald Trump’s address at the West Point Military Academy has been dissected and analyzed by hundreds of wannabe online neurologists concerned by the supposedly ‘deteriorating health’ of the US commander-in-chief.

At one point during his speech to US military academy graduates on Saturday, Trump used both of his hands to lift a glass of water, while at the end of it he descended the ramp extremely carefully – too carefully for some.

These two “distressing” incidents were enough for the vast crowd of Trump detractors to declare the US leader unfit for service, propelling the #TrumpIsNotWell hashtag into top trends and diverting attention from what he had to say.

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Responding to the outcry to the “neurological Twitter,” several physicians (as well as those pretending to be doctors, or citing anonymous medical s) weighed in, confirming that it must be something neurological. Other popular telemedicine diagnoses included a possible rotator cuff injury from too much golfing.

Some cooler heads noted that it was irresponsible, especially for legitimate medical experts, to diagnose Trump (or anyone else for that matter) via social media based on video clips without ever having examined the patient.

Others however argued that it was perfectly reasonable to speculate about the president’s health, if only because the ‘rightwingers’ and Trump himself are doing the same at the first signs of Joe Biden or any other Democrat’s health “deteriorating before our very eyes.”

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