Maryland Auto Executive Director McCurdy Retires, Reflects on 38-Year Career

2020-07-15 13:34:31

When Mark McCurdy informed Maryland Auto Insurance’s Board of Trustees in July 2019 of his intention to retire this year, he never imagined that the few months ahead of his retirement would involve leading the organization through a global pandemic.

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis, for which the first case was confirmed in the United States back in January, has since been felt across every U.S. state with Maryland being no exception. The state has so far seen more than 75,000 confirmed cases and more than 3,000 confirmed deaths.

DOJ sues John Bolton to kill publication of tell-all memoir ‘rife with classified information’ — RT USA News

The Department of Justice has slapped ex-national security advisor John Bolton with a lawsuit, seeking to stop the publication of his upcoming book, insisting it contains classified material and must complete a pre-print review.

Filed on Tuesday, the 27-page complaint requests that Bolton be ordered to obtain “written authorization” to publish the memoir – ‘The Room Where It Happened’ – which has been billed as a tell-all account of his time working in the White House under the Donald Trump administration.

‘Parkinson’s? Dementia? Stroke?’ Trump’s ‘weird’ West Point appearance turns Twitter sleuths into medical experts  — RT USA News

Donald Trump’s address at the West Point Military Academy has been dissected and analyzed by hundreds of wannabe online neurologists concerned by the supposedly ‘deteriorating health’ of the US commander-in-chief.

At one point during his speech to US military academy graduates on Saturday, Trump used both of his hands to lift a glass of water, while at the end of it he descended the ramp extremely carefully – too carefully for some.

US University to Host INTERPOL Digital Forensics Conference

The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) 2020 Digital Forensics Expert Group conference is to be virtually hosted by the University of New Haven in partnership with MITRE Corporation.

The event aims to bring together leaders in digital forensics to learn about new developments in the field while also providing an opportunity for some professional networking.

Baltimore’s ‘Squeegee Boys’: ‘If We Don’t Go Out, We Don’t Eat’

BALTIMORE ― On the corner of South President and East Pratt streets in Baltimore a little over a month ago, a young man in a black hoodie stood out on an otherwise empty intersection. A single gold chain with a cross hung around his neck. With a squeegee in his left blue-latex-gloved hand and a plastic spray bottle in his right — filled with a solution of vinegar, water and glass cleaner — he watched for the traffic lights to turn red and a chance to make some money.

DC rallies for George Floyd: ‘Our system is unjust’ | USA News

DC rallies for George Floyd: ‘Our system is unjust’ | USA News

Washington, DC – Protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “George Floyd” converged on the United States capital on Saturday thronging the streets from the Capitol building to a barricaded White House and  Lincoln Memorial, to protest the killing of a Black man in police custody, on the 12th day of nationwide protests.

The Coming Dark Age & The Death Of The Scientific Method – No questions allowed that ‘threaten the university’s funding’

An academic who doesn’t have the ability to challenge the research findings of their colleagues because those questions threaten the university’s funding doesn’t have intellectual freedom. And if academics know they could get sacked, as Peter Ridd was, for asking uncomfortable questions, they will stop asking uncomfortable questions.

Through tears, mother of George Floyd’s daughter demands justice | USA News

Through tears, mother of George Floyd’s daughter demands justice | USA News

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA – Through tears, the mother of George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter, Gianna, made an emotional plea for the world to remember Floyd as a good father and good man, not just a name or a rallying cry.

“I wanted everybody to know that this is what those officers took from me,” Roxie Washington said, Gianna standing by her side.


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