Robi, Gretchen, and Alyssa Visit NU in ‘University Town’

Volleyball siblings and superstars Jaja and Dindin Santiago take a break from the pro circuit and will take a trip down to F. Jhocson to visit their alma mater, the National University (NU), for this Saturday’s (September 28) edition of “University Town” (“U-Town”) at 1 pm on ABS-CBN S+A.

Antifa sets up recruitment shop at University of Florida

(Campus Reform) An Antifa group showed up on the campus of the University of Florida Tuesday in an effort to recruit new members.

The Anti-fascists of Gainesville invited college students to a recruitment fair for far-left radical groups, hosted by the Civic Media Center, which is not affiliated with UF and whose “mission is to provide community access to information and points of view that are under-reported or distorted in mainstream media.” The center’s website says it specifically works with “progressive” groups to achieve its mission.

#Maryland delaware map # #Video

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72 Students Bag First Class At Federal University, Otuoke

Seventy-two (72 ) graduates of the Federal University, Otuoke, in Bayelsa State, have bagged first class degrees.
The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Seth Accra Jaja, disclosed this last Saturday at the maiden convocation ceremony of the university.
He said that 462 other students graduated with the second class upper division, adding that a total of 1121 students graduated with various divisions.
While congratulating the graduates, Prof. Jaja admonished them to learn how to be innovative and live independently.

The Devil is a Lie! University Professor Says, “Robot Pastors” Are More Acceptable to Protestants Than to Catholics

A godsend?Screenshot by ZDNet

Can AI create better priests? Are we prepared to worship via machines rather than fallible humans? A Villanova University professor believes a post-human priesthood has its advantages.

Our faith in almost everything is being tested these days.

Everything is instant, yet nothing seems real.

The news is apparently as fake as people on the take.

Yet we’re desperate to believe in someone — or even something — that’ll help give our lives meaning.

Eagle gym hosts first bouldering event of USA Climbing season

EAGLE – USA Climbing’s bouldering season got underway in the Mountain West region Saturday with an event at Eagle Climbing + Fitness.

Eighty-six bouldering competitors 17 and younger traveled from all over the state to take part in the event, which qualified athletes for the regional level of USA Climbing competition.

While Eagle Climbing + Fitness has been open less than a year, climbing coach Larry Moore, who runs the gym, has been hosting bouldering competitions for years. He said the new gym has made hosting events easier.

A Giant University Hosts a White Privilege Workshop. The Hilarious Attendance was as Dismal as the Message



Would you love to attend a White Privilege workshop?

If you’re not white, would you relish the opportunity to find out how paler people have it made? If you’re white, would you jump at the chance to learn how pathetically glorious you’ve got it due to your monstrous melanin?

If so, you just missed euphoria.


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