Looking Back, Looking Ahead

admin/ June 19 2019

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It’s a wrap for Season 2, as Youngme, Felix, and Mihir head off on a summer hiatus. Note to listeners: After Hours will return for Season 3 in the fall.

Discover it Review – Credit Cards for Cash Back

admin/ June 19 2019

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Designed specifically for customers who, as cardholders are able to pay their bills on time, through rewards credit cards, banking institutions seek to attract responsible customers, therefore, each has used different strategies such as frequent flyer miles, competitive rates, returns of money, among others.

The most attractive rewards are the returns...

Wabasha County Brothers Admit to Deadly Home Invasion

admin/ June 19 2019

County Commissioner Galen Malecha of Northfield praised Lukes for saying something he said he has never heard in his time on the county board. That they wanted to work with the county on their transportation issues.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser now available on Windows 7 and Windows 8

admin/ June 19 2019

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Microsoft is making its Chromium-powered Edge browser available on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 for testing today. The release comes two months after Chromium Edge first debuted on Windows 10, and a month after it appeared on macOS. Microsoft...

Engaging Employees in a Global Day of Volunteerism

admin/ June 19 2019

Engaging Employees in a Global Day of Volunteerism Citi’s Global Community Day harnesses the energy of employees to give back to communities around the worldChristine DiScola, Country Human Res Officer, Citi Canada

Among the investments a firm can make that contribute to high morale and engagement, a strategic, well organized...

Baltimore Becomes First Major City to Ban Water Privatization

admin/ February 7 2019

Statement of Rianna Eckel, Maryland Organizer, Food & Water Watch

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore voters made history today by voting in favor of passing ballot question E, a city charter amendment that bans privatization of the city’s water and sewer systems. The Baltimore City Council voted unanimously to ban water...

Baltimore Oriole

admin/ January 17 2019

Baltimore Oriole This stunning bird is very similar in appearance to its western cousin, the Bullock’s Oriole. At one time, both species were considered one species, the northern oriole. Their ranges overlap in the middle of the country.