Maryland University Life

Hi! What’s up? Do you also live in Maryland and love this state as much as I do? Or are you just a curious traveler willing to know the latest top news and events in Maryland? Then nice to meet you. My name is Dereck Vogt. I’ve been living in Baltimore, MD for all my life since I was born in August, 25 1991. In 2014 I graduated from the University of Maryland College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. I wanted to work with people, to help them, to take part in various social programs, to make my city even better. Now I work part-time in Baltimore City Department Of Social Services. We provide services to financially troubled families and individuals, investigate the life of adults and families experiencing neglectful or abusive conditions. In my blog I write about anything which happens in my city or state. You’ll definitely find what you are looking for: university life, student life, news, interesting events, places to visit, things to do. You may also ask for help or advice. I’ll do my best to be useful!

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